About Us

 “Don’t Die Wondering” – Jus HANG

Skully + Wolf are a couple, they are friends  two creatives that specialise in an urban-centic design movement. A sporty statement for different styles catering towards the visionaries, our wears are inspired by art, interior design, history, fashion, film, music and culture.

In a unique tendential casual style, this capsule collection presents a highly comfortable offering with a more monotone statement of expression, from activist to passivist. 

Our fit is streetwear yet socially segmented, we play homage to our vintage roots, and propose to offer mix + match model scenario, carrying a whole new visual in total looks and always aligned to an ethos formed by the brands identity.

Designed for all cultures and a unisexual society that consist of fashion-forwards, trend-setters, and trend decision makers we offer items for each of us, exhibiting the opportunity to create our own personal style and to be unique in that second skin.

We forge a fashion statement, formed through exclusive garments that all have a special message, a capsule range that last longer and shouts out gender standardization much louder but staying close to our roots .. the street!.

Who We.B:

A celebration of strength, resilience and femininity of women itself, that through their vison of power and charisma they have turned the course of time.

Throughout history, women have fought courageously and tirelessly to assert themselves as individuals and experts in their field.

Political activist, scientists, artiste, and leaders in their own way, and there’s something these inspirational women have in common: true warriors, that continue to inspire us in our modern lives.

Aretha Franklin, Marie Curie, Frida Kahlo, Angela Davis, Winnie Mandela, Audrey Hepburn, Twiggy, Grace Jones and Janis Joplin are just some of the great women that changed the world.

Change is in awareness so ‘Just HANG’


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